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New paper in Nature Human Behaviour

Statistical learning shapes face evaluation The belief in physiognomy—the art of reading character from faces—has been with us for centuries. People everywhere infer traits (for example, trustworthiness) from faces, and these inferences predict economic, legal and even voting decisions. Research has identified many configurations of facial features that predict specific trait inferences, and detailed computational …

Carmel Sofer received his PhD

On March 17, my PhD student Carmel Sofer successfully defended his dissertation “What is typical is good: The influence of face typicality on perceived trustworthiness”  and received his PhD. Congratulations Carmel! (Dutch news paper Trouw covered his work [read it on Blendle (Dutch)])

Encourage playing with data and discourage questionable reporting practices

Daniel Wigboldus and I wrote a commentary on Klaas Sijtsma’s “Playing with Data—Or How to Discourage Questionable Research Practices and Stimulate Researchers to Do Things Right” Psychometrika paper. Read it here in open access (and click here for the commentary on our commentary). An interesting discussion about the message of the commentary is emerging on the …