All software listed below was developed by me and can be freely downloaded and used under the CC-BY license, unless where indicated differently in the software-specific license.

Reverse correlation

Reverse correlation scripts
Scripts for reverse correlation experiments (in Python), stimulus generation and data analysis (in R).

Reverse correlation R library.

PythonR Conversion
If you have generated reverse correlation stimuli with my older python scripts and now want to analyze your data with the much more user friendly rcicr, use these scripts. [More help]

Matlab scripts
For noise-based reverse correlation co-developed with Oliver Langner (deprecated; no longer supported and maintained)


Python scripts to read from and write to FaceGen face space coordinates (.fg files) and dimensions (.ctl files).

Agent based models

Gossip model
NetLogo implementation of Eliot Smith’s (2014) Gossip model.

Group Genesis model
Mesa implementation of the Group Genesis model by Kurt Gray et al. (2014) as iPython notebook.

Simulations in R

Animated p-curve by sample size/power
Script to generate this animated gif. It illustrates the use of dplyr for simulation and gganimate for visualization.

Smoothly animated p-curve by sample size/power
Script to generate this animated gif. Illustrates the use of dplyr for simulation, and gganimate together with tweenr for visualization.